5630 wireless broadband mini card Windows 8 driver

Is Dell going to release a Windows 8 driver for the 5630 wireless broadband mini card for the Latitude E6430? If so, when? I purchased the card but I already upgraded to Windows 8 and I don't want to have to revert to Windows 7 to get the device to work.

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RE: 5630 wireless broadband mini card Windows 8 driver

I solved my 5630 Windows 8 problem last night so I'm posting this here for the benefit of other upgraders.

As you probably know, when you find and download the 5630 Gobi3000 driver, Dell runs a compatability check to see if you have the right kind of laptop, and that list is kept in an encrypted file. 

When you run the initial setup.exe, the 5630 driver MSI is extracted to your %appdata%\local\temp folder. Keep an eye on that folder, sorted by date, while setup.exe runs. Copy the resulting folder to your desktop before closing the setup.exe program (because it will disappear on its own when setup closes).

When you run the MSI, again watch the %appdata%\local\temp folder for a folder that appears while the MSI is running. Copy THAT folder to your desktop again. 

Finally, go to Device manager, right-click the missing devices one at a time and point them to the second folder on your desktop.

Windows 8 manages broadband devices for you. It is not necessary to use the application from Dell, Verizon, etc.