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7490 Insert SIM error with SIM in

I recently installed a DW5811e and connected the supplied antennas in my 7490 but it is really hit or miss whether it will recognize my mobile phone's SIM card.  Some times I get AT&T(LTE) Connected right away and other times Insert SIM even when it is in the slot.

Then when I try a SIM card AT&T gave me to activate as the "permanent" card for my 7490 it will always show Insert SIM.  Not once did it recognize it.

My mobile phone SIM is older and darker orange bronze color and the new one AT&T store tried to activate and let me take home is light, light copper  Not sure that has anything to do with it.  But one is recognized some of the times I insert it and the other never.  When it is recognized it seems to work for allowing me to actually browse about 85% of the time.

I have added the latest driver.

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