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Adobe Flash Player Fails to install

Recently my computer crashed and I had to contact Dell to reboot and reinstall everything to include all the drives. Somehow Adobe Flash player was nor re-installed, or was deleted permenantly, becasue now every site I go to to play video, or audio, tells me "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player." Well Followed the instructions to ensure JavaScript was enabled, and I downloaded Adobe Flash Player, multiple times now, to include uninstalling it and rebooting the computer after uninstalling and after installing, and yet I still get the message basically saying that I dont have Adobe. Howevver it is listed in my Add/Remove Files. What do I do. I am thinking that it is something to do with my computer missing a drive or something. I have also turned off my firewall settings yet still nothing. Please help.

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Mary G
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Re: Adobe Flash Player Fails to install

First, uninstall every single program that says Adobe or is related to it in Add-remove programs. Then go directly to the Adobe site to get the latest versions. Adobe changes and updates every few weeks.

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