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Basic information needed on New Dell computer

I'm seriously thinking about buying a new computer and am wondering if the internet capabilities are preinstalled in all Dell computors.  I have a Router already and we would connect the new one via cable.  I cannot find this information in the computer I'm interested in on the website.  My current computer is so slow and some of the pages do not even load.  I'm interested in a Inspiron 580s.  Can any one tell me if this is a preinstalled item? I'd also like to know how many additional USB ports it has. 

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Re: Basic information needed on New Dell computer

Yes, all PC's come with an ethernet connection as standard equipment.

If you click on the "Tech Specs" tab on each system's page (right under the Review Stars), it will list all the components - look under Ports for USB connections (the 580s has 2 in the front and 4 in the back).     Look under "Communications" for the internet/network connection options.



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Re: Basic information needed on New Dell computer

The Inspiron 580 desktop has a gigabit network adapter (10/100/1000 Mb) built into the system so you should be able to connect this to your router via an Ethernet cable without issue.  If you're wanting to make a wireless connection, the system also has an option for that through Dell but there are lots of other wireless adapters for desktops available -- anything from PCI/PCIe cards to USB.

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Re: Basic information needed on New Dell computer

All Dell computers do have a built in net work interface jack also called ethernet jack.  You can buy literally ANY computer or laptop from Dell and I assure you it will work with your highspeed internet right out of the box.

As for usb ports, that depends on which model you are interested in.  Some maye have 2 usb ports while others may have up to 8.

I recommend finding a coputer of interest and search google for the specs to find out more.

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