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Beware of SmartByte

If anyone has really fast internet and when you do a speed test you only get 100 Mbps, check to see if Dell has slipped the SmartByte application on to your PC.

I have a 400 Mbps connection and 802.11AC wifi and my Inspiron PC would only get 100 Mbps at my ISP's official speedtest site.  i went through 3 different AC cards thinking it was them because my Ipad would always give me a speed of 400Mbps.

Just by happenstance I uninstalled the SmartByte app, and lo and behold my speed now gives me 400+ Mbps.

Here's the kicker, a day later the dang application was back and i was getting 100 Mbps again.  I didn't install it, it installed itself!  Every time i would uninstall it, a day later it would be back...ugh!  I do not know how to keep it from self installing so what I did was go to the "Services" tab of Windows 10's task Manager and stopped the service "SmartByte Network services"  after doing this i have my full speed back again, and the app doesn't "restart" itself.

Dell Please stop installing this!

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I have just removed smartbyte after doing a speed test on my inspiron 15 7000 and seeing terrible results. My wifi download speed improved from 5MB to 25 MB and my ethernet download speed improved from 5MB to 178MB

These are not typos. What is Dell thinking???

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Thanks for posting this it was a big help :)

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Me too! It happened to me in the past couple of days. But after trying to disabling it first from Task Manager and went to speedtest, everything came back from 3-4Mbps to 20Mbps+. I immediately uninstalled it from control panel and hope it never goes back!. No idea on how it got installed in my laptop.  

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OMG you are a life savior.  I was getting 5mbps then uninstalled this program and I got a wooping 200 mbps.  The difference...

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You are a technical GOD !!!!

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

I tried everything. I changed the Ethernet cable.  I changed the port on the cable modem.  I got a new Xfinity cable modem.  I bought a new Ethernet card.  Nothing worked.

I found your post about SmartByte.  I disabled SmartByte.  My speed test results went from 10 mbps (yes, 10 !!!) to 300 mbps.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

This Bud is for you.


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Bought a new Dell desktop 3 days ago after seeing my download speed at 5Mbps, I was able to debug and also find SmartByte as the culprit. Disabled it and Rivet Dynamic Bandwidth Management in Services and my speed went to 175Mbps. Spent a lot of time on this - wish I had seen this thread first (I found it by Googling SmartByte).


I kept running into your post unintentionally - searching for information about SmartByte and what it is and inadvertently settled my issue with slicing my Internet speed down the middle. Awesome employment! Much obliged!

So how do you guys uninstall? I searched for "SmartByte" in Start and hit Uninstall. There is also a SmartByte Drivers and Services in Control Panel, I assume I should remove that one too?


Just bought a Dell Inspiron Two-In-One and noticed it was SO slow compared to my HP laptop (which is dying -- hence the need for a new laptop). I am currently uninstalling the Drivers component as well. Will give you an update.

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I had this issue before, SmartByte was really killing my speed. 

The way I stopped this is by disabling it in System Configuration (Windows Key + R, MSCONFIG)

Click on Services tab and find "SmartByte  Network Services"  and untick it. 

Since then I have had not had a issue. 

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