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Bluetooth Pairing but not Connecting XPS15z to bluetooth speaker

I'm tired of scouring forums trying to find an answer to this issue that's been bothering me for months so, I thought I'd ask the community.

I recently(ish) reformatted my Dell XPS15z and probably put on a new version of windows 7 (Win 7 Professional) ever since then I haven't been able to connect my computer to my HK Onyx bluetooth speaker. It pairs just fine but won't connect. The "listen to music" button is blue but does nothing.  Before the reformat it worked just fine. I've tried updating/reinstalling bluetooth drivers multiple times; I've tried messing with settings. Nothing seems to work. There is one "unknown device" in the device manager but it doesn't come up with any updates and I can't tell if it's associated with the speaker. Otherwise there are no "yellow alerts" there.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? It would be much appreciated.

System Specs: Windows 7 Professional- Service Pack 1- 64 bit

Intel Core i5-2410M CPU @2.30GHz

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