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Hi all,   this is my first post with this computer, so I hope I am in the correct section.   I have a Dell Inspiron 15 3521 laptop, running windows 8.   I have not had this computer very long, and I have mistakenly deleted Bluetooth from the start screen.   My wireless is working, but the integrated webcam has disappeared.   I have gone into Device Manager, and clicked on the imaging devices, and the only thing showing is the printer which I have connected.  No camera is shown at all.    Having googled the problem, it seems that I have deleted the driver for the Bluetooth as my Bluetooth folder is empty.    I do not know what to do, can someone please help me.

I have checked on "my dell" and I can download drivers for Bluetooth, and there are a couple,  but I am not sure what to download, and also I understand drivers have to be installed in a particular order,   everything is working on my computer fine, apart from the fact that I do not have an integrated webcam anymore.   I don't want to mess up my computer by downloading incorrect drivers, but equally I would like to have my webcam back,  so is there anything I can do please to get this back, and also how to do it please.  Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks for any answers in advance.

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RE: Bluetooth

On the drivers screen on dell support, there is a tool (though not always perfect) which will scan your system to see what drivers are missing or need to be updated.

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RE: Bluetooth

Hi, and thanks for the reply,   I was just about going to try your method, when I had a sudden brainwave,   I carried out a system restore to an earlier point on my computer, and although the Bluetooth app on the start screen still has not come back, the integrated webcam has, and it is shown in the device manager under imaging devices,   I downloaded Skype, and the webcam works, which is what I wanted it for.    Don't know why it disappeared, but it seems to be working ok - at least I think it is,  I haven't actually tried to call someone with it yet, but the light comes on, and I can see my picture.  Thanks for the help, and if it does go wrong again, I will certainly use your method to see if I can sort it out.  Many thanks.

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