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Brand new Optiplex7010 connecting to domain (Sever PowerEdge T630 using Windows Server 2008), but not connecting to Internet

I have just purchased 3 Optiplex 7010 Windows 7 PCs to replace some ageing Dell XP based PCs.  The network consists of a number of Dell PCs running operating systems Win7, Vista and xp.  The old Dells are being phased out and we have purchased 3 Optiplex 7010s a week ago.  These new PCs connect to the domain, but not to the internet.  The old xps, that are being replaced, sucessfully connect to the the server and the wired internet using the same cables and port (indicating the the cables and ports are not a problem).  

The server is based on PowerEdge T630 running Windows Server 2008.  All other PCs successfully to the internet.

I had installed another Optiplex 7010 in the same domain 6 weeks ago, that had connected easily to the domain and the internet.  

The only difference between the newly purchased Optiplex 7010s, and the one that I installed less that 6 weeks ago is that the new PCs come with a Windows 8 recovery disk (while pre-installed with Windows 7), while the one that I purchased 6 weeks came with Windows 7. 

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