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Broadband Card - Plans? Activation? Existing Account?

I bought a vostro laptop with the broadband card built in for a manager that travels 100 % of the time.  He already has a USB modem for his current HP laptop, and I asked if we could still use that account on the built in broadband moble.  I was told SURE.  I don't see a way to do that.  It just wants me to activate the card.  Well, I don't want to activate the card without knowing what the plan is.   The description says "2 year agreement upon activation" but I can't find anywhere what kind of plan i'm agreeing to.  I think I saw somewhere it's built into the cost of the laptop.  but I can't find that anywhere now.

Anyone know - if  I can use my current plan or i've paid for the plan with the new laptop already!!!

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Re: Broadband Card - Plans? Activation? Existing Account?

You bought a laptop with a mobile broadband card, and you don't remember which ISP you choose ????

I suggest you call Dell and ask or try looking it up on Dell's website using the Service Tag #.

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Re: Broadband Card - Plans? Activation? Existing Account?

The Vostro sales site says this:

Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband allows you the freedom to stay connected almost anywhere you go. Simply select a mobile broadband card for your laptop and activate service with your preferred carrier. Upon receipt of your system, simply call Dell's wireless activation center at 1-800-228-6303 to activate your service. GPS functionality does not require carrier activation.

Call that number to get help with this. The broadband card is free and you pay for the 2 years of service.

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