Diane Gross
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Can't connect to the internet

I have a New Dell XPS 8700.  I had Windows 7 installed on it from the factory, it didn't work, I was getting uncontrollable pop ups it was crazy!  The only disc it came with was Windows 8.1, so I had no choice but to load that OS on the PC.  It connected to the internet, but I don't like Windows 8 at all!  Besides,  ordered it with Windows 7.  Bought a Windows 7 64 bit Professional disc and loaded it, it wouldn't connect to the internet. A red "x" throught the icon on the right side of the task bar, it says there are no connections available, even though its plugged into the modem and the icon on the modem shows its plugged in.

Windows Net work Trouble shooter cannot detect any problems. If I hit"See Full Map" a screen comes up that says "the adapter is not connected"

I have now loaded Widnows 8 again and it works, got ahold of Dell and they overnighted me a disc for Windows 7, I thought maybe they had some drivers specific to Dell PC's on their discs, but again, I load it with the Dell Windows 7 disc, and the same thing. No internet.  I'm about ready to return this and call it a bad experience

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