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Cant connect to Wired or Wireless network

My laptop is the E6420 and I cant connect to the Internet, the little wireless icon doesnt even show up in the taskbar. tried to set up a new network, didnt work, it says the modem's been removed. but no other info.Any ideas or is the problem too vague?

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Re: Cant connect to Wired or Wireless network

Has this notebook ever connected to a network? . . In Device Manager, are there errors reported for network adaptors or anything reported as "Unknown"

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Re: Cant connect to Wired or Wireless network



Can you try running the Finding System Information Tool (preferred)Or hit the Windows Key and the R keys at the same time. Type

systeminfo.txt REMOVE THE PRODUCT ID and post the rest of the information back here.

or an ipconfig /all log and maybe it will reveal something.





What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

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