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Changing WWAN cards

I got the XPS M1330 pre-configured with the Verizon wireless WWAN card.  Unfortunately, I'm a sprint customer with a data account already, so I bought a sprint WWAN mini-card to replace the verizon one.  Once I made the switch, I've tried everything to get the computer to recognize the card as a sprint card, but it continues to see it as a verizon card.  The odd thing is that both services use the same card model, so what do I have to switch to get the card to be recognized as a sprint card so I can switch my account over and start using it? 

The card is the MN624/5720.

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Re: Changing WWAN cards

The Mobile Broadband Utility is specific for each provider.  Even though both Verizon and Sprint use the same 5720 card, the utility for Verizon will not work with Sprint. 

To replace the utility, uninstall the existing utility conditioned for Verizon, then...



Near the top right of the webpage, you'll see a search box.  In that box, type R181244.exe, then hit the enter key on your keyboard.

On the resulting page, click on the blue description (to the right of the arrow pointing down), then on the next page, click the green download now button.  Save it to your desktop.  Once the download is complete, run it.  Take all of the affirmative responses.  Once complete, the icon will be back on your screen.  Doubleclick it.  Continue through in initialization process.

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