Changing what programs come up when startup?

I am new to computing so since there isn't a forum for "computing for dummies" I just picked one.

When I installed my blackberry software on my new Dell Inspiron mini with Windows XP, it now comes up when I start up the computer.  So, I must X out of it to start my wireless internet connection for access to email.

I know this is probably a simple fix to remove it from my startup but I've looked everywhere and can't find where I can accomplish that.




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Re: Changing what programs come up when startup?



If you have the Blackberry connected at startup, then you need to change a setting in the bios.


Start the computer and preff F2 at the dell screen. look for boot sequence. make the CD/DVD Rom first, then the HDD or Hard drive. Followed by the USB and then network.. Save changes and exit.


Now after you log in on an unrestricted account, start, all programs, startup. Look there for programs that you do not need to startup and right click on them and delete them. The programs are still there, they just won't start at startup. They'll wait for you to start them.


Hit the Windows key and the R Keys at the same time. Type




Hit enter. click on startup and look at what is starting there. Do not uncheck Microsoft, Windows your virus protection and wireless cards, etc. You can use your better judgement on deciding what to uncheck. Not sure if the Blackberry software is there or not. Click apply and exit.


Hit the Windows key and the R Keys at the same time. Type




Hit enter and look and see if the Blackberry software is set for automatic, if it's even there. If it's there, then change it to manual. That way it will only start when you click on it.





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