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Connecting Printer V313w printer to laptop wireless problem

I have just bought a v313w printer & cannot get it to connect wireless to my inspirion 1545 laptop (windows 7)

During the wireless set-up, it gets to the third of the five stages ok. These are configuring printer, resetting printer & connecting to wireless network. It fails on Acquiring network address & communicating with the printer!

I have tried the following without any luck, uninstalling & re-installing, powering down cable modem/router, changing security settings on router from 64bit wep to 128 wep & WPA/PSK, dell expert taking control of my laptop & trying to connect (which resulted in Dell sending me a new printer because the expert seemed to think it maybe a faulty wireless card in the printer, this is not the case becuase the same problem occurs with the second printer dell have sent me!). I have downloaded & installed the latest drivers for this printer from the dell website & I've switched off my security (anti virus/firewall) when trying to install.

I am completely stuck as to what to try next, the printer works perfectly fine from the USB cable. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Cheers Paul.


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Re: Connecting Printer V313w printer to laptop wireless problem



Sorry for the delay. my weekend to work.


Try using these Recommended Wireless Router Settings in your wireless router, I use channel 11.


Run Delete Print Jobs to remove any stuck print jobs in the queue.


Disconnect the printer.


Uninstall the printer(start, control panel, programs and features or start, all programs, dell, your printer, uninstall)


Restart your computer.


Make sure the printer is removed. Manual Printer Driver Removal


With the computer online, download the Vista 32-bit drivers for Windows 7 32-bit or the Vista 64-bit drivers for Windows 7 64-bit and install the drivers in the Vista Compatibility mode Then follow the instructions. It will prompt you when to connect the printer.


Virus programs and firewalls have been blocking printer communications, especiall with this model, so you may have to post back which virus program and firewall you're using.


Links to the drivers can be found at...


Dell V313 All-In-One Printer owners thread





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Re: Connecting Printer V313w printer to laptop wireless problem

I would like to know if Paul resolved his problem, which is identical to mine. I had the printer working wirelessly. then I moved the computer  and tried to reistall the V313W, which gives me infinite grief.

SOS please




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