Connecting multiple SonicPoint ACi's to a NSA 220


I have an NSA 220 wireless-n firewall.

I have since purchased 2 x SonicPoint ACi's to provide full wireless access to our entire building.

I have connected one SonicPoint directly to the NSA 220 with an ethernet cable as it is only around 10 meters away.

However, the second SonicPoint ACi needs to be installed around 60 meters away from the NSA 220.

There is network cabling at the location the new SonicPoint needs to be installed, but that end of the building has all the ethernet points going back into a Dumb-switch (Level-one). This dumb-switch is then connected via fibre to our HP switch.

I've read that it is possible to deploy SonicPoints without them being directly connected to the NSA firewall, is this correct? Also, I need to set up some sort of VLAN to achieve this? If I only have a smart switch at one end am I still able to do it?

Sorry for the lengthy post - I hope someone can help me out.

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