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Constantly Need to Reset Wireless Network Adapter

I began having problems with my internet connectivity a few weeks ago. My laptop would lose connection, and wouldn't attempt to manually reconnect. This left me to open up the connections panel, and manually reconnect. At first, this worked fine. However, the problem began happening more and more frequently, until I was being forced to reconnect at least every 30 minutes, but more often than that, within a minute of regaining connection.

It also started working less - more and more often, I would be met with "Can't connect to network", until this happened every single time. I started running the connection troubleshooter, and after a minute or so, it would inform me that my wireless network adapter needed to be reset, and that it had done so. Connection would stay stable for another few minutes, before, once more, needing to directed through the troubleshooter. The problem will occasionally go away for a couple hours, but it inevitably comes back.

After a week or so of this, and attempting to solve it (power-cycling my laptop, power-cycling the router, running hosts of troubleshooters), I read that allowing my system to update would help. I updated my system, and this seemed to work for a few hours (barring a few hiccups that I chalked up to chance), before the problems began again. The only difference now is that the troubleshooter doesn't need to be run every single time, and simply telling the device to reconnect will do the trick.

Other devices within the home connect fine, even multiple floors away. Mine alone, a Dell Inspiron 15R-5521 running Windows 8.1, is experiencing any sort of connection issues. Any suggestions/has anyone experienced this and solved it?

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RE: Constantly Need to Reset Wireless Network Adapter

Thank you for your message.

Do you get any message in particular when the system drops the connection?

Does it connect automatically when you start the computer every day?

Open device manager

Expand network adapter

Right click on the wireless card & click uninstall

Do not check the box that says delete the driver.

Restart the computer

Try to disable the anti-virus & check if the issue persists.

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