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DELL BYTE BT 'Connected(no media)' issue

I bought a DELL BYTE CORSECA DM5710BT headset. I am able to pair it with my Lenovo S720 phone. But the connection status is shown in Bluetooth menu as "Connected(no media)".

When i click the multifunction button of headset, music starts to play via phone's inbuilt speaker. I am not geting audio out through the headset.

Same problem in with my DELL laptop (XPS 15R). Headset gets paired/connected. But audio output will still be through laptop speakers.

Please help me out, so that I can replace the product if find defective.

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RE: DELL BYTE BT 'Connected(no media)' issue


I think you need to set the headphones up as the default audio device in able to hear the sounds.   Checkout  this discussion one of my co-workers had about bluetooth audio configuration.  Please read through the entire thread as there are many suggestions that you might find helpful.

In order for me to better troubleshoot this issue please right click on my Dell Todd username and send me a private message with the Dell Service Tag of your XPS laptop.  Please keep all troubleshooting discussions here on this thread so that others can see what is discussed.

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