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DNS Server Not Responding

My web connection stops frequently and the diagnosis always gives me the "DNS server not responding" message.  I turned the modem and router on and off and nothing happens.  I went to the control panel and look at the adapter settings and sometimes the ipv 6 is on and sometimes off.  The ipv 4 is always on but the settngs of the "Obtain IP and the obtain DNS addresses automatically" appear to change by themselves.  As instructed by my cable company, I would also connect the modem directly to my XPS 15 and then switch it back to the router.  After playing around with these steps, I can make it work again.

After several incidents I thought it might be a virus so I ran the McAfee full scan.  It did not detect anything.

I am not technically savvy so can someone help me out.



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Re: DNS Server Not Responding

Hi Tom Blanco,

I suggest that you update the drivers for the Ethernet controller if you are using a wired connection, the drivers for the wireless card if you are using a wireless connection to the router by visiting the following link and by entering the Service Tag and click on “Submit” on the following link:

Download the drivers that applies to Realtek RTL8111F for the wired connection and Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 for the wireless card. Please check if you experience the issue again after updating the drivers. You set the DNS address to Google DNS ( and in the router. Please refer the router setup documentation for configuring the router.

Please reply to this message if you need further assistance.

Thanks and Regards,
Rajath N
Dell Social Media and Community Professional
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Re: DNS Server Not Responding

I think my drivers are up to date.  Can't tell if I accidentally corrected the problem but the problem has not surfaced since I wrote my message.  

Thanks for your help.

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