DW1390 - Install drivers without Dell Utility?

Is there a way to install new XP drivers for the Dell Wireless (Broadcom) 1390 (or other 13x0 cards)  without the Dell Wireless Utility, using switches for the Setup command? I see in the notes that running setup -app will install just the utility and not the driver, but I'm looking for the opposite.
I know that I can upgrade the drivers manually using "Update Driver" from the card properties or Device Manager, but I'd like to be able to do this using Setup, so that it can be done with an SMS job, without any user intervention.  Right now my only workaround is to delete wltray.exe from the Run command in the registry.
The platform here is a Latitude D620, but this would apply to any Latitude notebook with XP SP2 and a Broadcom adapter.

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