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DW5800, 4G LTE card does not support IPv6

I purchased a Latitude E6220 with a 4G WWAN modem (the DW5800). My intention was to support DirectAccess, i.e. Microsoft's clientless VPN, but unfortunately I have not found any way to get the IPv6 protocol installed on the device.

I've searched Verizon Wireless, Dell and Novatel Wireless forums without any success. I'd love to hear from anyone who does manage to get this working.

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Re: DW5800, 4G LTE card does not support IPv6

Hey Joe...

I am attempting to implimate these into my enviroment.  I was told by my rep, that i cannot get 4g on these models yet.  Do you have it active and working through Verizon?  Kindly share this info.  This would make it easier to purchase with system, rather than, separate.

Thanks for the help.

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