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Dell Draft 1505 wireless stuck in 54Mbps

Greetings and thanks in advance for any assistance.  I have a XPS 420 with a 1505 Draft Wireless Adapter.  The best connection I can attain is 54Mbps where my Dell laptop with the Intel Centrino can acheive 130Mbps with no tweeking whatsoever.  I have reloaded the driver and monkeyed around with a few of the advance setting to noe avail.  This leads me to believe that the 1505 Adapter in my desktop requires some tweeking beyond my limited expertise, but I could be wrong.  The modem is an Arris TG-862 G/CT and I have tried finding the set-up to change it's broadcast from b/g/n to n only and apparently I will have to reconfigure the modem to do that.  Any suggestions are most welcome and again, thank you.



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Re: Dell Draft 1505 wireless stuck in 54Mbps

Hi Rick,

I'm going to move your thread to the networking forum for more help.

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