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Dell E6430 ATG can't establish connection prior to log on using embedded DW5802 4G (LTE3G)

I have a Dell E6430 ATG with an embedded Novatel wireless card on a the Verizon network.

The problem is I need to always have the wireless card establish a connection to the Verizon Network upon boot up and BEFORE to the user(s) log in.  They need to use a fingerprint reader to authenticate to the domain and the VPN can't make a secure connection unless the connection has already been established.

There many articles about establishing a connecting before log on but they involve getting the Wireless profile and adding it to the registry... entried in the GPO... using Netsh wlan show profile etc... but none of them work.

There has to be a way of starting the Novatel modem and establishing a connection before the user logs in!


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