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Dell Force10 port/VLAN issue

Okay, I'm a Cisco guy. Their language is simple, you setup the VLAN, switchport access vlan-- you're set. I'm trying to do the same on this Force10 and having a *** of a time.

All I'm wanting to do is take a group of ports (single or individually) and assign them to a VLAN, that's it. In researching this, there are no links and people keep talking about tagged and untagged, etc.

So, let's take example port 19. I verified it's part of VLAN2. So, went into config for VLAN2, tried to untag it, which worked. Switched over to VLAN10, tried to tag it, got a mismatch. From there, I tried putting the port in hybrid mode (as suggested by others), to which it barked at me that it's a layer 2 port and cannot be put in that mode.

Can anyone assist, please?

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