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Dell Inspiron 17 5000 Intel R 5759 System Reset

07/13/2016 @ 12:38pm I called support because the lap top was still in warranty but I believed it was potentially software and just needed to confirm it with a diligent support person. I am the user of the pc with permission of the non-profit that owns it. Sadly the invoice only provides the ship to information and not the user.  Invoice #XJWM12651, Date 02/18/16.

But no surprise I was passed around for over 2 hours like a "bad shoe" no one wanted.  Jetin, Sunny, Mae and 6 other people blew me off like a leper!  Key to remember no one wanted to help at all!!!!  Every tech I spoke to left me on hold and when Mae left me on hold she finally hook on up on me.  I heard "you" pick up the phone and hang up, no lie!

So here's a possible solution for a thoughtful and diligent person that may be treated in the same manner... of contempt and disregard.  If you buy software like "rootweb" make sure you know how it works if not save your docs, downloads, pics, music on so on to a mini drive with enough memory and on the PC Go To "Reset".  Don't wait for the diletante/amateurs who can fix the problem but why waste money on support that isn't competent enough to answer a simple question or ever take time and call back.  May your "God" bless your little mind and hearts.  .

Yours truly,

C. Barrow