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Dell Inspiron 3542 problems with cable internet and wifi

Hi. I bought a new Dell inspiron 3542 with windows 8.1 installed. I did a format, installed windows 10 and all the drivers with the correct order and then installed ubuntu 14.04.

Everything is working fine in windows 10.

On ubuntu on the other hand, i got 2 problems.

1) The problem in wireless is that my wifi is disabled by hardware switch and i can't figure out how to solve it.
Fn+prntscrn isn't working, although Fn+F2 or F3 works with the function related to these buttons.
I have also tried sudo rfkill unblock all and removed and replaced my battery, but the problem still occures.

2) The second problem is related with cabled internet. When i connect a cable, i got internet for 10-20 seconds and then nothing. The sign indicates that everything is alright and i that i got a cabled connection, but no internet. When i click the Cabled connection1, it reconnects and then again i have internet for 10-20 seconds.

Any ideas how to solve these problems?

Thanks in advance.

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