Dell Inspiron 8600 Wirless and other driver complications.

I posted a question here a while back, trying to figure out what drivers were necessary to get my wireless working again.

Well, I figured out that problem. Now I'm faced with a different problem.

my internet is slow as sin.

Let me describe to you just how slow it is.

I try to load any page other than google, and it just disconnects.

Page doesn't load.

And then my internet reconnects.

Now, when I had Linux, my internet was a little slow but never like this.

This is with Windows XP Media Center edition.

I had installed Windows XP Professtional, but when I tried to upload the notebook system software drive and chipset, I would get this message saying something along the lines of  "This program does not support this Operated System."

So I had to go with Media Center Edition since the notebook system software/chipset driver installed with no problem there.

Which fails pretty hard.

I had Professional before and, like with Linux, though the internet was a tad bit slow, it worked well and fine enough.

So is there a different notebook system sfotware driver I need for Professional?

and is there anyway I can get my internet to stop failing if there isn't?

Aside from buying a new network card. [An Intel Pro/Wireless LAN 2100 3a mini PCI adapter is what I currently have, if that helps.]

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