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Dell Lat D620 Driver issues

I have multiple Dell Lat D620 and D610 that were wiped and I got for a good price.  I am reinstalling XP on them but I am issues on the network connections.  I am not getting those options after installing drivers back onto laptops.  When I hover over the Intel PROSet/Wireless WiFi symbol in the tray it says "Driver not Installed."  I know there is a switch on the side of the 620's but it seems to be of no help at this moment.  Any help out there for me.


Trying to get these running for needy middle school.

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RE: Dell Lat D620 Driver issues

I'll reply to you here rather then on the comments page of my guides. This system might not have an Intel Wireless card but a Broadcom wireless card (rebranded as a Dell Wireless Card). Please follow the instructions here and provide hardware IDs so I can identify the driver variants in your system:


You should also observe a change in the device manager when you toggle the switch on or off.

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