Dell Latitude D505 network controller driver issue

hi Smiley Happy

i've got an ol' Dell Latitude d-505, and i'm having a problem i used to have some time ago.

the drivers cd simply does not supply a network controller, or a wireless broadbcom adapter driver either

in the past i've managed after MONTHS of searching- to get it right and working..but sadly Smiley Sad i lost the network and wireless drivers

i've executed Everest to try and find what drivers should i look for, but NOTHING seems to work Smiley Sad


please, please help me.


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DELL-Larry R

Re: Dell Latitude D505 network controller driver issue

The driver for the wired network connection is the Intel Pro/100 VE driver.  The wireless driver for your system will depend on which wireless card you have.  It might be an Intel Pro/Wireless card, or it could be a Dell Wireless card.  Without knowing which card you have installed I can't tell you which is the driver for yours.

The drivers for both are definitely on the Drivers & Utilities CD, although my recommendation would be to get the latest driver(s) from the Dell support website.

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RE: Dell Latitude D505 network controller driver issue

Here's how to fix any Dell Latitude that is not finding drivers

1. Go to Device Manager (Start > Right-click My Computer > Manage > Device Manager)

2. Double-Click unknown device "?" to open

3. Details Tab

4. Use drop-down to select "Hardware IDs"

5. Search the internet for the shortest ID listed

6. Bob's your uncle and you've found the driver to download/install

Good Luck!

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