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Dell Mini 10v reboots my router every 2 minutes.

I recently got a Dell Mini 10v, booted it up and immedeately connected to the wireless network in my house. The internet connection was going great and after a few minutes the internet connection went dead. I was close enough to my router to notice that it turned off then back on. After the router had completely rebooted the internet was back for about one minute before it rebooted again. This kept happening as long as the laptop was on and using the wireless connection.

I have AT&T U-verse Internet/TV and have their 2WIRE Residential Gateway.

It seemed that the connection broke most often (every minute) when i was downloading updates. When i was just surfing the internet it only broke every 5 minutes or so. It seems when large amounts of data are being passed it restarts the router?

I updated my wireless driver and software from the Dell website and still experience the issue. When i disabled my wireless and plugged into the router with CAT5 everything worked fine.

Please help!

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