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Dell N5050 and N5030 wireless cards


I have two old Dell laptops, an N5050 and an N5030. On the N5030 the USB ports are all knackered and I've basically given up using it. The N5050 has always been a bit temperamental about connecting to wireless.

If I took them both to someone sufficiently capable could the wireless card be swapped out of the N5030 to the N5050 or are the cards incompatible?



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RE: Dell N5050 and N5030 wireless cards


Unfortunately, they will not fit into the N5050

Atheros® AR9285 802.11 b/g/n WiFi card

In the n5050 it is located under the keyboard. the cards offered where
Dell Wireless WLAN 1701 Half Mini-Card + BlueTooth 3.0
Dell Wireless WLAN 1702 Half Mini-Card + BlueTooth 3.0
The other WLAN cards that are offered with the system is.

Dell Wireless WLAN 1502 Half Mini-Card
Dell Wireless WLAN 1503 Half Mini-Card



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