Dell Optiplex 745 - Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Drops connection.

Hi, i'm having an issue with my pc and the NIC.

The NIC will randomly drop its connection and i have to do a reboot to reconnect to the network.
it seems to drop during HIGH traffic situations...where i'm transferring Gigabytes of data to and from a server, transferring ghost images, or interacting with multiple desktops at one time using VMware Infrastructure Client.

I've already tried calling up warranty support, and we've already tried replacing the motherboard on the machine....new nic, same model - and makes no difference....

Bios is up to date, Drivers are up to date.
situation occurs in Windows XP, Vista, 7, and in Ubuntu....so it would make me think it's still a hardware issue and not software?
is there a known issue with this set of NICs dropping network connections?

To ease the problem, i had to install an old 100mpbs 3com PCI card to take its place when the connection drops and i don't have time to reboot my computer.....

any suggestions or help?



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DELL-Larry R

Re: Dell Optiplex 745 - Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Drops connection.

Have you tried checking the Advanced Properties for the NIC in Device Manager?  I had a giga-bit NIC that wouldn't talk to my old switch unless I forced it to 100Mbps full duplex (or lower). What you describe sounds similar to the problems I experienced before making that change.

Some other things to check would be to try a different port on the switch or router that computer is connected to, in case it is a problem on that end (since the motherboard swap didn't fix things) not liking the NIC in the Opti.  A different network cable, for testing if nothing else, might also be a good thing to try.

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