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Dell Studio 1735 Networking problems. Help!

Hi, this is the first time I have used Dell forums before so forgive me if I do anything wrong.

I have a Dell Studio 1735 with a Core 2 Duo t5800 with 4gbs of ram running windows 10.

I installed windows 10 christmas day for some reason. It all went fine, windows downloaded its own drivers ect ect. 

But as of 31/12/2016, the wifi (i think) is playing me up.

I cannot boot without the wifi switch at the side (which enables and disables all radios) otherwise I get a watchdog violation or a IRQL BSOD. It is so annoying.

I have the Dell 1397 Wifi Mini Card installed along with a Dell Wireless 5530 HSPA wireless mobile card and Dell Wireless 370 Bluetooth card. 

Windows was a fresh install to an SSD and I have run sfc /SCANNOW and it reported nothing. I can work on wifi for short periods of time AFTER booting, say for a couple minutes. It mostly happens when the WIFI card is put under load (I watch netflix often). It all started yesterday when my Aunts VM Superhub 3 lost connection to virgin and rebooted. 

It still even does it in Safe Mode with Networking. Any help would be greatfully appreciated.

PS. I am at the understanding that Dell does not support this device on Windows 10.

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