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Dell Studio 1735; Which Wireless-N Minicard to get

I've recently decided to upgrade the router at home to a gigabit port Wireless N. Since my Dell 1735 only has the 1397 wireless half-height mini card in it, I'll need to also upgrade that card to a Wireless-N as well. I'm just not sure what will work best. I've read through a few particular threads here and many involved different model laptops than mine, so i'm not clear on an answer. Some recommended that the Intel cards are better than the Broadcoms? I've looked at the various models 1510, 5300, and a few others but I've also seen a 1520 now. Also, I've seen some with 2 antenna connectors as well as 3. Which make the better/stronger connections? I'd assume 3, but.....


Any advise would be appreciated.

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