Dell TrueMobile 1300 Wireless USB Adapter

3 days ago this adapter was working fine, then I restart my computer and it won't recognize it. Re-installed the driver, it is now saying that it can't find any networks, yet all my other devices are connected to the network. The light flashes green when I refresh the networks, and sometimes does it randomly. Im using a windows xp service pack 3, and I already installed the driver utility but it did not help. Please someone help me.

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Mary G
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RE: Dell TrueMobile 1300 Wireless USB Adapter

It might have failed. If that has happened you can buy a cheap usb network adapter for less than $10 and use that. You could even get a better version--N instead of G--if your router supports N.

Here's one w both-- 

You could try Device Manager, Network Adapter, Your adapter, Uninstall. Then reboot and see if it Windows finds and reinstalls it.

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