Dell Vostro 410 Windows 7 "Could not detect properly installed network adapter"

Okay, I was having video problems so I decided to swipe out my current video card for an old one.  After doing so, no more video problems were to be found.  However, a new problem emerged, I had no internet connection.

I am on a home network.  I had no idea why I had no internet connection now, just having one 2-3 minutes  before opening my computer.  The network adapter was not displaying any light on the back of my computer.  I unplugged everything and opened my computer back up to check for any problems and found none.  After putting my computer back together and plugging everything in, I now had an orange light on the network adapter, still no connection however.  After opening internet explorer I hit troubleshoot and it said "Could not detect properly installed network adapter". In device manager, there was a yellow exclamation mark to the side of WLAN 8.02. I grabbed my Dell Utilities CD that came with my PC and searched for a driver.  The only drivers on the CD were  Windows XP/Vista based, I have Windows 7.  Under NIC Drivers for Vista, I found a similar named looking driver and attempted to install it.  During installation, I received an error message that said " No compatible hardware found.  The software you are attempting to install is not  supported by this system."

I am at ends on what to do and have no idea how a problem like this could come about from swapping out a video card.  I did not fry anything as I was grounded the  entire time.  i'm thinking maybe I should purchase a network  card? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Dell Vostro 410 Windows 7 "Could not detect properly installed network adapter"

Thanks very much! Would you pls post it here? Have you got the answer? I encountered the same problem.
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