Dell Wireless Antenna

I have this thing called a Dell Wireless Antenna 1505 FH 1.2 DAO,XPS

Flat box w /cable (not usb) to attach to pc.

What is this thing?

Is it a router?

There is no documentation other than a picture and the title Dell Wireless Antenna.

I can't even find it on a parts search.

I am assuming it is for a wireless network (router) set up. At least I think that is what I ordered it for.

I know Duh again!


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Re: Dell Wireless Antenna

The 1505 is a wireless network adapter for a laptop computer.  It inserts into the MiniCard slot inside the computer.  You don't mention which model computer you ordered this for, so it is next to impossible to provide any other details.    NOTE - it is not a router.   In order for it to work, you a need a wireless router connected to your cable or dsl modem.  Or, you can use this to pick up internet connections at wireless hot spots, hotels, airports, cafes, libraries, etc.



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