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Dell XPS 9350 Win 10 Bluetooth Device Manager Issue

Dear all 

I am hoping to find a permanent answer to the following issue. 

Periodically I lose bluetooth support on my laptop. When this happens it occurs after putting the laptop into sleep mode (shutting the lid) and re-opening it the next day. The Bluetooth settings in Device Manager are removed, and only shown when I click the "Show Hidden Devices" option in Device Manager. 

I have searched for an answer to this issue, and as per this post resetting the BIOS to default settings will restore bluetooth functionality and turning the "fast boot" option off in power management. However, I don't consider this a permanent fix, it is a major annoyance to have to constantly restore the BIOS. 

I have noted that when this issue occurs, Dell Command Update shows an optional update for the Dell Wireless 1820A Bluetooth 4.1 LE driver. However, automatically installing it via Dell Command Update fails (although it does not report a problem) and a manual install of the same driver from Dell's website results in the error message "Activate Wireless Switch", which I am at a loss as to do. 

Finally, I am experiencing a similar issue with a second optional update from Dell Command Update, in regard to the "Intel 100 Series Chipset Driver", which does not install via automated installation in Dell Command Update or via manual download & install. I wonder if these issues are connected in anyway. 

If anyone has had similar issues, or can suggest a permanent fix (not a workaround), I would be very grateful. Thanks


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RE: Dell XPS 9350 Win 10 Bluetooth Device Manager Issue

I have this exact same issue as you report.   Please someone help

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RE: Dell XPS 9350 Win 10 Bluetooth Device Manager Issue

Hi viper2ko,

Thanks for posting.

Here is some information you may find helpful.


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RE: Dell XPS 9350 Win 10 Bluetooth Device Manager Issue

I have the same problem and use a similar workaround, but share your interest in a fix!

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