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Dell desktop not print to Dell printer by wired connection to router.

I have a Dell 1320c color laser printer. I wanted to enable it for network printing but I had to buy a Dell 1320 networking key, model 430-2503, to plug into the back of the printer to enable the network jack on the back of the printer. I then connected the 1320c printer to a Linksys wireless router (WRT54G) via cat5 cable. Also connected to the router by cable is my Dell Vostro 200 desktop computer. The router is connected to my Internet service by a cable to the Broadband jack.

On my desktop I deleted the old Dell 1320c printer listing as it was for a USB connection. I clicked the "Add Printer" link in Control Panet and selected "search for network or wireless printer and it found the network connected 1320c printer with the correct IP address. I finished the setup and clicked "Print Test Page" and it printed fine. I called up a command prompt window and pinged the IP address of the printer and it communicated fine. I called up a Word doc and printed it and it printed fine. I then set up my Dell Vostro 1500 Laptop and Acer Netbook to access the 1320c printer wirelessly and they print via the wireless router fine.

I booted up my Dell Vostro 200 desktop the next day and tried to do a print job and it did not print. I called up the printer spool and saw the doc there but no printing. I restart the print request but no action, not a hint. I call up the windows command prompt and ping the printer IP address and it still pings fine. I start up my Laptop and Netbook and do print jobs and they all print fine. Just my desktop do not print. It sees the printer and pings it but does not forward the print request on. I then remove the Dell 1320c printer listing under control panel again and went through the same setup proceedure and printed a test page and a Word doc successfully again but after a reboot the l had the same problem return but am still able to print from the laptop/netbook wirelessly just fine.  What is the problem?


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