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Dell lies to customer about out of stock.

Dell sold the "Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Wired Gaming Mouse" for $79 https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/accessories/apd/a8728018

They sold the item (in stock) but did not ship for weeks. Then come a out of stock explanation and ask to wait for it to be in stock. Then a day later the order was cancelled all together. Then on the same hour, I go to dell's web site and found this: "Logitech Gaming Mouse G502 (Hero) - Mouse - optical - 11 buttons - wired - USB" for $103 and it is in stock....


it is the exact same mouse re-named in title. not even a new or special version. Guess what, they just rename the item for more money and then screw the customer that had already ordered. Is that how Dell does business? I have personal account and corporate and I think need to reconsider if I am going to put in any future orders for my company. This is totally unacceptable corporate practice.

Well Amazon is selling for $69 with next day shipping...so there go the business.

And you wonder why Dell is not doing that well.

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