Dimension C521 - no internet connection

This problem started a long time ago. i'd notice when i didn't use my PC and it went into sleep mode, it wouldn't connect to the internet when it woke up again. I realsied what was happening and made sure sleep was turned off and had no further problems.

that is until i went away on holiday for 3 months, when i came home, turned on the PC i couldnt connect again, might be co-incidence and nothing to do with sleep mode at all. I tried all kinds if different settings. i even re-set to factory settings and installed my ISP software again, still no joy. i gave up, then a friend suggest i try a different modem as the USB modem i got from Tiscali had some "issues" with Vista at the time.

So now i got a Netgear834 router/modem, and despite the fact the internet light on the router is on, and all other lights on the router work as they should, i still can't connect to the internet. i tried keeping a log file of what happens, but it means absolutely nothing to me, it is too complicated and i'm not sure the answer is there anyway.

i usually get an error message something like " the remote server did not respond" and when i click on diagnose, it says windows can find no problem with the connections, obviously something went wrong sometime. i have  re-set to factory settings on a couple of occasions, un-installed previous modem software, but no connection. i'm considering dumping my dell and never buying another unless i can find a simple solution to this problem. PC's are not much use if they can't get online other than something to store data on in the corner of the room.

anyone have similar problem of zero connection with the C521 and found a solution? grateful for any hints, thanks

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