Dimension E510 ethernet card issues

Hi everybody,

I just moved my Dimension E510 computer from upstairs to a downstairs room (no, I did not drop it) and now it will not connect to the modem anymore (connected straight into the modem with ethernet cable). I already spoke with the cable provider and they did all they could. It is not the modem, since the laptop (which I am typing on now) is connecting fine.

The Dimension E510 was working fine until the moment I shut it down, disconnected everything and brought it down here. One thing I realized it the right there, where the ethernet cable connects, I have a red LED and a blinking amber LED. I assume, the currently red LED should be green. When I connect the ethernet cable and go to "network connections", the "local area connection" takes forever to connect, and when it does, it says something like "no or weak connection". The cable tech already had me deleting the ethernet connection and re-install it - to no avail.

When I opened the computer, it seems like the ethernet plug is actually sitting on the motherboard, so there is no separate network card. My questions are now:

  • Is there anything I can do to fix it?
  • Where do I have to bring the computer to get it fixed?
  • Has anyone an idea how much this would cost?

Thank you for any help,


P.S. I am not a computer crack so please reply as if you would talk to a caveman.

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