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Disable Wireless when connected to wired LAN. What about VMware adapters

We've configured our E5400 systems to disable the wireless adapter whenever the system is connecetd to a wired network.

This process has worked (for the most part) until several of the team installed VMware Player.  It creates VMware Virtual Network Adapters and their presence prevents the wireless radio from being enabled when the user undocks. 

I've tested this by disabling the VMware adapters.  When disabled the process works as expected, the wirelss radio turns on, acquires the signal, authenticates, and the connection works.  When the VMware adapters are enabled the wireless radio remains disabled.   I tried the same test with the VMware Player application running and not running.  The results were the same.  The only thing that allowed the wireless to restart was the disabling of the VMware adapter

I must conclude that the presence of those drivers convinces the connection manager that there is a wired network,

What can be done to fix this?

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