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Disappearing Wireless adapter

A few days ago, after a Windows update, my wireless adapter disappeared in such a way that i can't even try to look for wi-fi connections.  As it happened with a similar case here in the forum to Andy Mann,  the machine updated and auto-rebooted overnight, and suddenly I had no wireless adapter in the Device Manager, the Network Settings page had no Wireless section, and I thought it was a Windows update problem.

I tried toggling Airplane mode and rebooting a couple of times, but it didn't help. After shutting down the laptop completely and turning it on again, though,  the adapter suddenly came back  - I don't know which adapter comes with my Inspiron 15, 7559.

The problem is, suddenly, today it happened again, i changed rooms in my house and when i arrived at the living room table, everything was as I'd left it, except that again, the wireless adapter has disappeared, I can't see a Wireless section in Network Settings, and a list of available networks to connect to. I'm using a cable at the moment, but this time it shows no signs of reappearing.

Refreshing ("scan for hardware changes" in Device Manager) doesn't make it reappear either; i updated all possible drivers from windows, delll and intel, rebooted several times, tryied turning it off and on as i did last time, even tryied changing places where the laptop is at, tryied some cmd commands that seemed to fix the problem to people that updated from windows 7/8 to 10, but nothing seems to work for me.

How can i fix this? Please help!

System info: Inspiron 7559, Windows 10 (64-bit) version 10.0.15063.

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Rodrigo Marcial,

Below is information to resolve the wireless disappearing

There are 2 options that I am listing to help.


Open Device Manager, open the drop-down Network adpaters
Right-click Network adapters
Select Scan for hardware changes
If you can't see your Wireless adapter, go to step 11
If you can see it, right-click on the adapter
Select Uninstall ( this should only uninstall you driver software, not delete it)
Now right-click Network adapters again
Select Scan for hardware changes. This should re-detect your wireless adapter)
Once detected, restart you machine
Make sure your Wireless adapter in Network And Sharing Center is Enabled. Now try what you have to.
If you cant find you your Wireless adapter device, you may need to properly install a wireless adapter driver. You'll have to do it perfectly, or have a service person do it for your machine
PS: If you want to create a wifi hotspot (when your wireless adapter is working properly), try the following command in Command Prompt

netsh wlan connect ssid=YOURSSID name=PROFILENAME


Method 2

Fix WiFi Missing from Network & Internet Settings in Windows 10


If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session.
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Hello, Jesse L,

Thank you for the reply;

This morning when I woke up, I turned on the pc and took a while to log in; while the pc waited for me to get ready in the locked screen, before the password page, I noticed that the internet icon flipped a few times from ‘no internet access’ to no ‘wi-fi’ signals; it then stabilized on the no internet access icon. But, once I logged in with my laptop password, there was the following message:

"Exception: Acess to the path 'Global\IPROINST_BOOTSTRAPPER_COEX_LOCK_INTEL®_PROSET_WIRELESS_SOFTWARE_18_40_0_0' is denied"

And then, the wi-fi was back.

I immediately accessed the Device Manager and uncheck the "Allow this computer to turn off this device to save power" on device manager/proprieties/power management, as I’ve heard that it would fix the problem for some people. After that, I left the pc unattended for a few minutes while it was downloading Office, and it turned off by itself when finished. Again, the wi-fi signal disappeared.

I followed your recommendation (I only could do this because I formatted the pc to factory settings yesterday, before that I couldn’t even find the wireless adapter on Hidden Devices, where I found it today); the wi-fi icon didn’t appear at first in the log-in screen, but after waiting a few seconds of flipping icons, just like in the morning, the wi-fi was back – this time with no message when logged in, though.

I’ve installed several software ever since and rebooted sometimes, the wi-fi seems to be working properly for now. If I get any more trouble I’ll contact through here.

Again, thanks for the attention, hope the problem doesn't reappear!

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This is just insane, everything was going normally for a while, then i uninstalled McAfee, that comes with the factory settings; after restart, guess what? No wi-fi connections. Waited for a while to see if it would fix by itself, but it didn't.

Tried uninstalling (not deleting) the Wi-fi Driver, rebooted, didn't work. This time, after reboot, the "Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless - AC 3165" wasn't there, not even under Hidden Devices. I'm back in the f-ing ethernet cable.

None of the solutions providade - from which very few are even applicable, because the adapter is not visible - have worked.

I have a Events log from the wi-fi adapter that i Saved just in case; don't know how to send it to you. I believe that the message i recieved after logging in this morning may be the only lead I have on how to fix this: (""Exception: Acess to the path 'Global\IPROINST_BOOTSTRAPPER_COEX ...").


Rodrigo Marcial,

Perform a factory restore on the system. It will put the system back to its original state.

If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session.
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I have a similar issue with my dell inspiron 7737 on which I'm running windows 10. The Wi-Fi has stopped working, the symbol to turn it on and off on the toolbar is non existent. I can access the internet fine over an Ethernet cable but the wireless driver is showing as not present in settings. The settings menu has no option for Wi-Fi. I have tried a system restore but can't go far enough back due to a system crash. Without the driver being present I can't update it or anything else. Any advice would be appreciated as I'd like to avoid a factory reset if possible. I have tried a network reset but still have this problem.


Hi Jesse,
My Dell wlan 1702 goes missing sometime from my Dell Inspiron New 15 R 5110 laptop. I use to reboot a couple of times, and it may appear sometime, sometime not.

Today surprisingly I found that, Wlan adapter is being displayed as Dell Wireless 1702 Bluetooth v3.0 + HS under Bluetooth Radios. Hence not wireless network adapter in the network adapter list.

I tried re installing the drivers so many times, but no luck.
Could you please help me to get that identified as network adapter instead of Bluetooth radio?

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We have had a string of users with this issue lately. I already discovered that reinstalling the Wi-Fi in Device Manager helps, but why is this happening? It's especially difficult to resolve when you have users who work off-site and far away and the only remedy requires them to be connected via Ethernet. Everybody uses Wi-Fi these days and nobody has an Ethernet cable. So if they can't connect via Ethernet we have no way of dialing in to troubleshoot, and most of our users are not very savvy on how to do this. Has a root cause been identified? If seems like this issue has increased within the last month. We are using Dell 7240's, 7250's, 7270's and 7280's with Windows 7. Thanks!


Just bought my Inspiron 13 7375 - it had issues out of box with the wireless nic not even showing in device manager.  I updated firmware to 1.2, downloaded wireless nic drivers off the webpage - and installed.  On reboot the nic came up and I thought it was resolved.  Powered down my laptop after work, went for a haircut, came home and powered back up - low and behold the wireless nic disappeared again, reboot resolved it again though.  

FWIW I have a QCA9377 Nic.  I did notice it entirely disappeared from device manager but bluetooth still showed, isnt that typically on the same mini adapter internally?  Would love this resolved because other than this issue this thing is incredible.  I'm on the latest Windows 10 update.

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I know it's late but I wonder if you're still having this issue or had solved it? 

If not, there's only one solution that had worked for me, if your laptop has an SSD and an HDD, do a fresh installtion of windows and install it in the SSD instead. 

To know where windows currently is installed go to 'this pc' and look which drive windows logo is at, usually SSD has much less space so if your C drive with thr windows logo is 500GB or 1T, then that's the HDD. While drive D is 119 then it's likely the SSD and that's where you should install windows in. 


My laptop had become so much faster and the wifi had appeared again, never had issues again. 

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