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Do I need to buy a router for wireless internet?

I am adding a second desktop computer (Vostro 200, Slim Tower Intel Pentium DualCore CPU E2200 (2.20GHz 800FSB)) and I already have the existing desktop connecting to the internet via wireless AT&T U-verse.  What do I need with the new desktop to get wireless connection? 

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Re: Do I need to buy a router for wireless internet?

Hello CherryYak, I believe all you would need is a wireless device for the new PC. You can get a USB device that simply plugs into an existing port on the PC, or buy a wireless network card and insert it in the PC.

Both cost about the same. I have used USB devices and they work very well. You would have to install the softare for it on the new PC.

You may want to check on the existing wireless modem and see what brands are compatible with your AT&T U-verse.

I just checked and many say that AT&T provides them with the USB adapters. Try giving them a call. 

Hope this helps.

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Re: Do I need to buy a router for wireless internet?

It depends on the internet modem provided by AT&T. I've seen some U-Verse customers with modems that have built in wireless routers. Don't they provide 2wire products?

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Re: Do I need to buy a router for wireless internet?

Hello cherry,

If you have a wireless card for example Linksys or Belkins you have to put this is the pci slot and install the software which came along with the adapter and most of the ATT& T will provide 2wire modem . When you are configuring you have to connect using Ethernet cable and Look at the networks available. One of them should read like: 2wirexxx where xxx is the last 3 digits of your 2Wire's serial number on the bottom label. Like 2wire385, etc.
Then you need to make sure your card is set to WEP encryption, and the encryption key is the number in the square brackets on the bottom label. Enter that number into the key field of your wireless setup program and that should be all you need to start talking to the need to have a direct cable connected only for 2wire setup. then, you activate wireless.once its set up, you can then disconnect your cable and start using your wireless.then go to your 2wire.gateway type URL in a browser(http://homeportal/setup) you can go to the wireless tab, figure out your security theme and things like that. Then you can enter that key just once on your Desktopss properties for that instance, and it should automatically connect from then on.

Hope this will help you !!!!!!!



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