E1705 Bluetooth -How Do I turn on???

I see next to my power button that there is the bluetooth icon, but I am lost as to how to turn it on. Why would it have the icon if it doesn't have it? I press fn+F2 as says in the Manual but only turns on/off the wifi. Is there something I am missing or that I don't know about here?

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Re: E1705 Bluetooth -How Do I turn on???

1) Are you certain your laptop has a bluetooth card? Smiley Happy
2) The Dell quickset driver has an option in there to either turn wifi, bt, or both on/off with the Fn-F2.
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Re: E1705 Bluetooth -How Do I turn on???

It sounds like you don't have the Bluetooth card installed in your computer. If you turn the computer over, along the (what will then be) left-hand edge of the notebook, just next to the battery will be a small cover about 1/4 inch wide by 1-1/2 inches long with one screw in it. This is the cover for your Bluetooth module. Take that screw out and carefully remove the cover. If there's a dangling wire and connector in there, but no card, your laptop is not equipped with Bluetooth. The good news is, you can find these cards for 20-25 bucks on eBay and they literally plug in in seconds. If you DO have a card in there (it's very small, only about an inch long and a half-inch wide, and goes in edge-wise) then it's probably turned off in the BIOS. Close up the cover, turn the computer on and hit F2 when prompted at the DELL POST screen. Look under the "Wireless" section in the BIOS, and there you'll find the options to set which devices are controlled by the Fn+F2 hotkeys.
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