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E521 driver problems

After having my E521 put away for sometime i replaced the old OS, which was linux, where i connected to the internet just fine, and installed the windows OS. The disc i used was Windows xp home edition service pack 2. everything went as it shouldve, i tried to connect to the internet and it wouldnt let me. After checking, the drivers Enthernet controller, PCI device, PCi simplr communications controller and video controller (VGA compatible) have a question mark and an exclamation mark next to it, i assume theyre missing, what should i do?

Also, does my computer have to be connected to the back of my modem, or can it be connected to my router to access internet? when i booted it up at first, it connected to the internet when connected to the back of my router while on linux, after installing windows it did not connect when hooked up to either, if i can fix the drivers as stated above, could it be hooked up to my router or have to be connected to the back of my modem? If i cant resolve any of the issues, what should i do from there?

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Re: E521 driver problems

Hi AnthonyNava,

I suspect the drivers are not installed after the Operating system installation.  Click on the link below, enter the system service tag and click submit to get the drivers:

Please click on the link below and install the drivers in the order given in the link:


Revert for further queries.

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