E6230 wifi problem

I have problems with wifi. It connects fine and works as it should. But, it lose wifi connection every 2-5 minutes. Win10. All my other devices works fine.

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Re: E6230 wifi problem

I've got an E6230, Windows 10 Pro, and it worked fine on every wireless network I've ever connected to since I bought it last year.

Until last night (24th March 2018).

Last week I turned off running my wireless network as a metered connection, which allowed a Windows Update to download. Weirdly, although this installed and rebooted the laptop, the wireless still worked.

Then, mid flow yesterday, the wireless connection stopped working. No warning, nothing new installed, just in the middle of watching a Youtube video.

After checking the hardware, wireless cards (I have an LTE card too - works fine) and checking various network connections, the wireless adapter could not be turned on. I'd enable it, and after a few seconds it would be disabled by Windows.

To cut a long story short, I finally uninstalled the latest Windows update, rebooted, and GUESS WHAT? It worked. Thanks Microsoft. Not even an old laptop, and one from one of the primary laptop suppliers. No driver changes from Dell, just a Windows Update Rollback fixed it.

Thanks Microsoft.

If you hit this problem:

a) Roll back your Windows updates

b) Enable metered connections


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Re: E6230 wifi problem

Try to follow the instructions here:


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