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Error 678 on DSL connection...

Hello.  We just got DSL and are using a Netopia 3347W modem from our local ISP.   We are unable to connect to the internet and continuosly get Error 678.  The ISP has been out and checked the line, tried 2 different network cards, uninstalled Norton Internet Security, disabled MS firewall and it still will not work.  This PC has never been connected to the internet.  The ISP was able to connect using their laptop.  We are out of warranty and I don't have any idea what to do next. Any suggestions?
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Re: Error 678 on DSL connection...

It would have helped if you would have listed your PC Model Number and Operating System and how you are connecting to the DSL modem - via the Ethernet RJ45 cable or via USB.

But, that error, when doing a Google search is a "Dial Up" error.  Do you still have the "Dial Up Network Connection" listed and are you trying to "dial" with the DSL? 

When you power on the PC and Windows starts you should be automatically connected to the network (this assumes you leave the DSL modem powered on and it is in sync before you power up the PC).  However, in order for Internet Explorer to access the "LAN" network you must delete any dial up connections listed in the Internet Options - Connections Tab.  If you still have the Dial up connection listed it will never try to access the Internet via the DSL connection.

If you are unsure what to do, it's going to cost you but the best thing is to have a local computer tech come out and get you going.  The phone company isn't really going to help you as it's the customers responsibility to configure their PC. 

It's also hard to "lead someone by the hand" and get them going with a forum like this.

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Re: Error 678 on DSL connection...

I am experiening the same Error message(648) on my Dimension 2400. Did you get yours fixed and how.
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