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Ethernet conection

·                                 Last September I had to reinstall all my software. The device manager says that " other devices- Ethernet manager , Video Controller and Video Controller (VGA Compatable) are not installed." This means that I am unable to access the internet via my ethernet connection. How can I rectify this?




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Re: Missing Drivers

19 Jul 2009 06:36AM

We need to know the Dell computer model you have as well as the operating system you are running.

It sounds like you did not reload your system drivers as per the steps listed HERE



·                                 Dave thanks for your reply, I have Dimension 8400 using XP professional. Originally with SP2 now updated to SP3. I have printed out my current sysyem components. What controllers should I be looking for in respect of the ethernet? Thanks Alan


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Re: Ethernet conection

It sounds like you need to install the Desktop System Software available from Dell Downloads. It's listed under System Utilities and needs to be installed first before all other drivers or the other drivers will not install properly.

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