Ethernet driver for Dimension 4550

I am trying to help my sisterinlaw move from dialup to HighSpeed internet access.  She has a Dimension 4550, running Windows XP (I know it is old but still works for her).  My problem, when I connected the line to the ethernet card nothing happened.  I found the card was not turned on.  I turned the card on and it now tells me NO DRIVER Found.  I tried to find it on the system disc but it says it is not there.  What driver do I need?  Your help is appreciated.

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Re: Ethernet driver for Dimension 4550

Drivers for the 4550 below.    There are 2 possible drivers listed under Network - the second one (Broadcom NetXTreme, R56237), and the last one (Intel 10/100 LOM (R52043).  The rest are either utilities, or drivers for routers or USB accessories that don't apply.   If you enter the service tag for the PC on the page, it hopefully will list ONLY the hardware that was originally installed, but not always:


To get the driver onto the 4550:    Download the file on a working PC, but DO NOT select the Dell Download Manager.   Choose the second "Internet Browser" option.  Then use a flash drive or CD to copy the file to the 4550 and install it.

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